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Peninsula Sorrentina has a landscape unique in the world, alternating high and low hills to deep valleys and majestic mountains, where great was the work of man, who worked even the most impervious areas transforming them in the famous terraces, degrading terraces of soil towards the sea, on which he cultivated orange and lemon trees, olive trees and vines. Those are known as the delight's gardens, which in springtime exhale a stirring scent of orange blossoms. The mild and dry clima during almost all the year in Sorrentine Peninsula, makes it the ideal destination for every season.



Rugged, dense and flavorful.

These are the charateristics of our olive oil. An oil with low acidity and a pale yellow color with some green hues. Aroma is fruity, while the flavor faithfully reproduces the taste of fresh olives, but with an harmonizing sweetness of its components otherwise bitter and spicy. The olive trees are grown on terraces placed along the hills of the peninsula, overlooking the sea. The marine influence, combined with the volcanic nature of the soil, promotes the optimal development of these olives, with their great aroma. It's an oil with an intense and important flavor that goes perfectly with complex dishes, but a few drops can make tasty even the simplest dishes.





Botanically the “Lemon of Sorrento” is a local ecotype that belongs to the “Citrus Limon” species, also known as “Lemon of Massa” or “Massese”.

“Lemon of Sorrento” is an elliptical citrus of medium-large size (not less than 3 Oz) that owns a citrine yellow peel of medium size, full of essential oils which gives to the citrus its characteristic aroma.

The pale yellow pulp is really succulent and the juice is characterized by an high sourness, and is full of C Vitamin and mineral salts.

Lemon of Sorrento distinguishes itself from similar products thanks to its peculiar durability and aroma characteristics and to the singular growing techniques used into the Peninsula Sorrentina, which allows to enhance the specific qualities of the citrus. Our lemons, of which we are the first producers in terms of quality and quantity, has obtained the European recognition of Protected Geographical Indication which protects and enhances our exclusive and unparalleled Lemon of Sorrento.

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